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    Almere Municipality

    Almere has the ability and ambition to become a so-called Living Lab (science workshop), working with partners in education and research, business, residents and social entrepreneurs to seek solutions to global urbanization issues with regards to food, energy, water and health. An initiative by the Almere municipality, Flevoland province and Aeres Groep, this is taking shape at the Flevo Campus.

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    Flevoland Province

    Strengthening the economic structure is one of the long-term objectives of the Flevoland province. The Flevoland economy can grow and gain strength by investing in (technical) knowledge and innovation. The Flevoland province is active in several high-end industries including Agro & Food / Horticulture & Raw materials. The province also stimulates a broader collaboration between parties to strengthen the ecosystem for entrepreneurship.

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    Aeres Hogeschool

    The Aeres group, with its VMBO/MBO branches and a higher educational branch in Almere, focuses on issues concerning food, health and the green urban environment in its practical research and various educational programmes. The Aeres group is seeking collaboration with appealing knowledge parties and with its environment. For that reason, collaboration within the Flevo Campus is of great value to the Aeres group.

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    AMS Institute

    The AMS Institute shapes the Flevo Campus’ scientific research and educational activities based on the central theme of Flevo Campus – food in the city. The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute) was founded in 2014 in Amsterdam as a collaboration between the Technical University Delft and Wageningen University & Research, in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The objective of AMS Institute is developing knowledge about sustainable, future-proof large city design. Central themes are food production and distribution, and accomplishing a profitable food supply. AMS Institute combines knowledge, education, network and research in living labs. In these living labs, practical tests are conducted and solutions for the future are developed together with the users.

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    Almere 2.0

    Flevo Campus is made possible by Almere 2.0. Those who pay attention, can see that the Randstad is on the move. The housing market is booming, the economy growing and jobs and economic activity are on the rise. A lot of people are looking for a place to live in the Noordvleugel (Northern wing) of the Randstad. Almere wants to contribute and will therefore keep growing over the coming years. However, we do much more than building houses alone. With the Almere 2.0 programme, we’re investing in the quality of the city. A city that makes its residents proud while enjoying life and developing to their full potential. A city where companies like to settle and visitors are pleasantly surprised. This is a collaborative effort between the Gemeente Almere (Almere Municipality), Provincie Flevoland (Flevoland Province) and Het Rijk (central Dutch government).

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    Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Flevoland

    The Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Flevoland is committed to an economic climate in Flevoland that provides entrepreneurs with proper business conditions while ensuring a pleasant living environment for citizens and tourists. The team Economie en Investeringsbevordering (Economy and Investment Promotion Team) does this by connecting entrepreneurs with ambitions to innovate, grow and/or internationalise with other entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and schools, by providing guidance in projects and offering help in terms of finding the right funding. The development of the Flevoland economy is also supported by investment promotion/foreign acquisition. The teams Toerisme Flevoland (Tourism Flevoland) and Sportservice Flevoland are primarily active in destination marketing and organising events and/or site events, leading to more visitors, more expenditure and more employment opportunities.

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    Veldacademie is a knowledge workshop for urban development. Veldacademie is getting to know the city. As everyone has ideas and knowledge about how to achieve a better city, our mission is to create practical knowledge together for a place to love. Veldacademie develops surprisingly logical insights, raises awareness and ensures that coalitions take shape. We do this by keeping our focus on the influence of the environment on the quality of life, by involving everyone as practical experts at an early stage. The eagerness to learn displayed by students is employed for our assignments and all the results are visualised to make the knowledge accessible. Together with residents, entrepreneurs and professionals, sustainable solutions are produced with regards to the challenges facing a specific area. Students of various educational facilities and disciplines participate in the studies within the context of regular educational modules. In addition, we offer internships.

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