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    Floriade Dialogues Summit summed up

    Last week during the Floriade Dialogues Summit people from all over the world gathered in Almere to share their knowledge about green and healthy food cities. It was an inspirational day full of new insights. Read all about it.

    Floriade Dialogues Summit – Talks of the Town

    Read all about the afternoon programme of the Floriade Dialogues Summit: the Talks of the Town and in-depth sessions. Will you join us March 28th?

    Floriade Dialogues Summit

    March 28th: Floriade Dialogues Summit

    Join this free Summit on Green and Healthy Food Cities for all!

    Flevo Campus Summer School

    Discover the taste of Flevoland! Registration is open till June 30th

    Growing Resilience

    Flevo Campus Publications

    Forward Thinking about Food

    Flevo Campus Videos

    8 juni: Growing Green Cities Symposium

    What are the social benefits of urban agriculture?

    ‘I am the Flevo Campus’: International Students

    In the 'I am the Flevo Campus' series we introduce people that are involved in the Flevo Campus. 

    Promoting a sustainable and healthy food system for the city

    Inaugural speech by Dr Sigrid Wertheim-Heck Professor Food and Healthy Living

    Report: The Big Urban Food Debate

    Flevo Campus Think Tank presents their Manifest to the Aldermen of Almere consisting out of recommendations for a local food policy. A debate between council members and the audience followed.

    Flevo Campus Think Tank presents Municipal Food Manifesto

    The Flevo Campus Think Tank presents recommendations to municipality of Almere based on 7 topics.

    March 7th: The Big Urban Food Debate

    Put food on the political agenda in Almere!