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    Young people from all over the world send an urgent letter about food policy to the Tweede Kamer

    At the beginning of this year, the Flevo Campus Think Tank took place for the fifth time. Nearly twenty young people from all corners of the world delved into Dutch food policy. Their conclusion? That policy is far from strong enough. The participants wrote a special Food paragraph for the new Coalition Agreement: an unsolicited, but well-founded advice on the best approach to current food and agricultural issues.

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    In short, the advice of the Flevo Campus Think Tank is that now is the time to make difficult decisions. Only a combination of “hard” measures, such as taxes on unhealthy food, and “soft” measures, such as food education, will lead to true food democracy while creating a greener, healthier, future-proof food system. It is up to the new government, according to the participants, to achieve systemic change step by step towards a circular and inclusive food system. On April 14, the participants presented their Food Paragraph in the form of a manifesto. Hans Rutten, policy advisor at the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, received the manifesto. On Thursday 27 May, the Think Tank participants will also formally hand the manifesto to the members of the House of Representatives in The Hague.

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    Flevo Campus Special: Dutch food policy

    The manifesto of the Think Tank participants is further strengthened by providing an in-depth analysis. Via an online page, a so-called Flevo Campus Special, the (lack of) Dutch food policy is explained in an interactive way.

    > View the interactive special on food policy on en.flevocampusspecials.nl

    About the Flevo Campus Think Tank

    As a relatively new city, at the nexus of a large-scale agricultural and horticultural area in Flevoland and the Amsterdam metropolitan region, Almere wants to become one of the greenest and most healthy cities in the world. To fulfill these ambitions, Almere requires the brainpower and creativity of students and young professionals. The end result of the annual Flevo Campus Think Tank is a manifest, consisting of concrete recommendations and plans for the city and the country.