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    Think Tankers 2021 present their recommendations voor Dutch food policies

    On Wednesday April 14, the participants of the Flevo Campus Think Tank 2021 presented their recommendations for Dutch food policy to Hans Rutten of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. The document is the result of the intensive work carried out by the Flevo Campus Think Tank 2021.

    The official handover of the recommendations was part of a full day of Flevo Campus online meet-ups about urban food systems. All live streams can be viewed on our YouTube channel; below an excerpt from the final presentation of the Think Tank.

    Flevo Campus Think Tank 2021: recommendations for Dutch food policies

    On April 14, our Flevo Campus Think Tank presented their advise to the future government on how to finally tackle remaining challenges regarding food, health and agriculture. The Netherlands is proud of its position as a frontrunner in food and agriculture. However, considering the contributions to the Climate Deals and working on SDGs, the Netherlands stays far behind. More concretely, the new government will start off with an unsolved and complex dossier on nitrogen emissions. The promise of circular agriculture has not been fulfilled and is still vague. And the COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone – farmer to policymaker – aware of the fragility of the food systems. The elections in March 2021 have marked the possibility to set an example for innovative, ambitious and transformative food policies. Therefore, the Flevo Campus Think Tank has worked on recommendations for this new government on food policies. The central question for the Flevo Campus Think Tank of 2021 was:

    A diverse group of 20 participants – students and young professionals – engaged in this Think Tank, of very different backgrounds, expertise and nationalities. Read more about the Think Tank’s kick off in February >>

    Manifesto presentation

    On April april, Flevo Campus hosted a day full of meet-ups about various topics related to food and sustainability. In the final session, the Flevo Campus Think Tank participants presented a manifesto in Dutch and English to the Dutch government, represented by Hans Rutten of Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. They answered the question: what does the new Dutch Government have to do in order to become frontrunner in meeting the Paris Climate Agreements and the Sustainable Development Goals? And came up with concrete recommendations in order to improve Dutch food policies. 

     Read the manifesto here >>

    Are you curious which bright minds constitute this years Think Tank? Check out their biographies on Instagram and Facebook.