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    Flevo Campus Publications

    Flevo Campus aims to give shape to the future of our food system. We want to support innovative foodthinkers in their process. That is why numerous studies are conducted, innovative entrepreneurs are supported, events are organized. We put all these efforts together in our yearly publication. On this page you will find an overview on all of our publications in English and the links to download them for free.

    Dino nuggets, pink LEDs, and fed-up farmers

    March 2020 - Free digital download

    Now that more people live in cities than outside them, and it takes fewer people to produce the food needed to feed this growing urban population, what does the future hold for food and for farming? In this collection of essays, journalists, scholars, and thought leaders from the UK, Italy, and the Netherlands share their insights into the question: How do we feed the city in 2020 and beyond?

    With essays by amongst others Lex Boon, Herman Lelieveldt,, Antonia Mazel, Alice Minichini, Carolyn Steel, and Louise Vet. And interviews featuring Felix Rottenberg and Wouter van Dieren, and Ernst van den Ende and Sigrid Wertheim-Heck. Available for FREE DOWNLOAD here

    Feeding the City

    March 2019 - Free digital download

    In four thought-provoking essays, eight different authors dive into one of the most pressing issues that we now face: how are we going to feed to city? Authors Hidde Boersma, Martin Scholten, Janno Lanjouw, Joris Lohman, Yvonne Faber, Ron Methorst, Peter Smeets and Sigrid Wertheim-Heck write about topics as diverse as ‘kringlooplandbouw’ (circular agriculture), the position of the young Dutch farmer, the relationship between food culture and sustainable food choices. With an introduction by Louise Fresco. Available for FREE DOWNLOAD here.