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    ‘Feeding the city’ – essay book now available for everyone

    Devastated landscapes, biodiversity loss, soil degradation, unhealthy diets: our food system is cracking at the seams. A cheap and efficient supply chain has grown up since the Second World War, but its downsides outweigh its benefits. Everyone involved agrees that things must change. But despite this consensus about the causes, public opinion is divided as to the solutions.

    This collection of essays deals with the food issue on three scales: global (macro), regional (meso), and the everyday life of the urban consumer (micro). The authors provide thought-provoking insights into the complex problems involved, question our assumptions, and offer a nuanced but radical perspective on the future of food. With essays by Hidde Boersma, Yvonne Faber, Janno Lanjouw, Joris Lohman, Ron Methorst, Martin Scholten, Peter Smeets, Sigrid Wertheim-Heck, and an introduction by Louise O. Fresco.

    Download the book of essays by clicking here. Fill out your email address and the ebook will be sent to you immediately.