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    Flevo Campus Summer School

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    What’s the taste of Flevoland?

    Are you a student or a young professional and would you like to learn more about food in an urbanizing world through the lens of our daily meals? Would you like to team-up with others during a 5 dag programme (27 – 31 Aug.) and camp in Almere? And are you curious to hear about the stories of producers, chefs and other people involved in getting your food on the table? If this is you, participate in the Flevo Campus Summer School. We’ll take you on a journey through Flevoland and let all your senses open up to the food, while discovering the taste of Flevoland and serving it during The Big Flevoland Dinner.

    As a relatively new city Almere aspires to be one of the greenest and healthiest cities in the world. It is situated in the Amsterdam metropolitan area amidst large-scale agricultural and horticultural projects. An extrodinary place where different influences join together and provide a place to thrive.

    At the same time Almere and the rest of the Flevopolder have not yet developed their own food identity. To fulfill the ambition of Almere to become one of the greenest and healthiest cities, Flevo Campus and the city are bringing students and young professionals together to discover the taste of Flevoland.

    During the programme we’ll take you on excursions, leading experts in the field of food and tasting will share their knowledge and you cook together with famous chefs while smelling, feeling, tasting, hearing and seeing what Flevoland has to offer. The end result of these 4 days will be presented during the 5th day during The Big Flevoland Dinner. Here 250 guest will gather around the table to taste your dishes. Not just any guests but people involved in creating a healthy and sustainable food system in Almere and the rest of Flevoland.


    The programmme of the Flevo Campus Summer School is constituted by the following elements:

    • Learn from existing and innovative practices
    • Scientific base
    • Personal development by teamwork and a variety of workshops

    To ensure the enclosure of the above elements the programme will exist of lectures, excursions, cooking  workshops and tastings.

    Famous Almere resident Nadia Zerouali (cookbook writer and presentator of BinnensteBuiten) will curate the Taste of Flevoland together with the participants and will urge to pay attention to what you’re tasting exactly.

    Day 1: Smelling – Old sea
    27th of August 2018
    Before Flevoland even existed the IJsselmeer was called the Zuiderzee and Urk was an island with a thriving fishers community. What has changed since the Zuiderzee was closed by the Afsluitdijk?

    Day 2: Tasting – New land
    28th of January 2018
    The new land, the Flevopolder, was created for the best farmers of the country providing the best soil for healthy and enough produce after a time of war. But what did the farmers grow on this new land?

    Day 3: Feeling – New city
    29th of August 2018
    To build a city from scratch is not everybody’s cup of tea. Who was attracted to the new city of Almere? And how did they contribute to the new city?

    Day 4: Seeing – New industry
    30th of August 2018
    New land offers space for new industry. What happens behind the doors of the warehouses to our food?

    Day 5: The Big Flevoland Dinner
    31st of August 2018
    The experiences of all the participants of the last 4 days will come together when you’ll cook together and serve your dishes to 250 special guests.

    Practical information

    • What: Flevo Campus Summer School
    • Where: in and around Almere
    • Dates: 27th – 31st of August
    • Time investment: 5 full days, it’s not only a Summer School but also a Summer Camp. Participation to the programme will only be admitted if you can participate on all 5 days. We’ve covered a campingspot for every participant. We do ask you to bring your own camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, mattress etc.).
    • Language: English
    • For who: (international) students and young professionals with interest in food- and urbanization issues.
    • Costs: The value of the program is 1500 EUR per person. Flevo Campus is offering free participation for young professionals and students.
    • Participants: maximum 20. If more than 20 subscriptions a selection will take place based on diversity.

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