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    Promoting a sustainable and healthy food system for the city

    During Flevo Campus Live Dr Sigrid Wertheim-Heck Professor Food and Healthy Living at Aeres University of Applied Sciences gave her inaugural speech. This speech is now published in which she focusses on the changing relationship that mankind has with food, which she expatiates about in one of the paragraphs of the speech:

    Professorship – healthy and sustainable food for people in the city
    And here we are, in the centre of the young and ‘makeable’ city of Almere, created just over forty years ago in the new and uncultivated Flevoland polder on the basis of a planning philosophy aimed at a green infrastructure for a healthy society. In the meantime, Almere – with more than 200,000 inhabitants – has grown to become the fifth largest city in the Netherlands and is preparing for another large-scale expansion, in which the city will experience accelerated growth to 350,000 inhabitants by 2030 (Almere 2009; 2017). Almere is very much aware of the metropolitan challenges and as a co-signatory of the Urban Food Policy Pact (UFPP) in Milan⁹ , it is determined to set a meaningful example in the transition towards a sustainable food system for the city. The city also faces an urgent challenge when it comes to healthy lifestyles. The scores for a number or health risks are not so good for Almere and above the Dutch average. Almere has the ambition to set up the food provision in such a way that it promotes the health of its inhabitants. With its explicit attention for sustainable and healthy food, Almere presents itself as a ‘Living Lab’ for research into and the implementation of innovations aimed at food and the city: “Feeding the City”¹⁰. Within the framework of the professorship, we are going to address urban food issues in the experimental city of Almere. The aim is to contribute to the practical accessibility of sustainable and safe food in everyday life, to promote healthy food consumption patterns for all inhabitants of the city

    Read the full inaugural speech here.