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    Flevo Campus Think Tank

    Here you’ll find a brief summary of the programme of each Flevo Campus Think Tank day up till now.

    Day 1 –¬†Introductions and scientific base

    • Introduction of Flevo Campus and the Think Tank
    • Team introduction
    • Lecture of Jeroen Candel (Wageningen UR) – food policy and food related policy
    • Lecture of Simone Eijsink (Gemeente Almere) – introduction to the Dutch political system and Almere politics
    • Lecture of Lenny Vulperhorst (Quartermaster Flevo Campus) – the potential of Flevo Campus

    Curious to know what this day looked like? Check out the pictures on our Facebook page.


    Day 2: Excursion: food supply in and around Almere

    • Visit to organic farmer Wouter Klaasse Bos and his father who was a
    • Supermarket safari in Jumbo in Almere Buiten with David Klingen, who gave us a sneak peak into the logics of the retailer
    • Visit to Stadsboerderij Almere with Tineke van den Berg who told us more about biodynamic farming and her relation with Almere

    Check out the gallery on our Facebook page to see what participants bought for their sustainable lunch.


    Day 3: Excursion: innovation in Amsterdam

    • Lecture by Drees Peter van den Bosch of Willem & Drees on alternative ways to provide people with good, sustainable food
    • Visit to growx with a tour by founder John Apesos on vertical farming in the city
    • A Syrian lunch at the Startup Kitchen by Jay Asad in the former Bijlmerbajes
    • A tour through World of Food by manager Sarriel Taus, he explained the relation between food, culture and wealth.

    And again, take a peak on our Facebook page to get an impression of the day.


    Day 4: From brainstorm to manifesto

    • Workshops and exercises to transform all ideas and input into a manifesto
    • Experts Anke Brons and Joris Lohman gave feedback on their recommendations for the manifesto
    • We reflected on the journey the group has taken

    Pictures can be found on our Facebook page.