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    Flevo Campus Think Thank

    Want to participate in the Flevo Campus ThinkTank? Register now! Deadline december 20th

    Are you a student and would you like to learn more about food in an urbanizing world? Would you like to team-up with others to work on new answers for challenges of the future? If this is you, participate in the Flevo Campus Think Tank: the place where young talents will arrive to innovative solutions for urban food supply.

    Something exciting is happening in Almere: Situated in the Amsterdam metropolitan area amidst large-scale agricultural and horticultural projects, the relatively young city of Almere sets out to become the ultimate location for green and sustainable food policy. As the municipal elections are coming up the Flevo Campus is bringing together ideas and creativity of students, to enable them to foster new ideas that the new municipality perhaps could put into practice. The end result of the Flevo Campus Think Tank will be the Almere Food Manifesto: a concrete advice for the council of Almere. The purpose is to ensure Almere creates the most progressive food paragraph of the Netherlands.

    Amongst the speakers are Wayne Roberts  (Toronto Food Council) dr. Sigrid Wertheim-Heck (Aeres University of Applied Science), Joris Lohman (Food Hub) en many more.


    The program of the Flevo Campus Think Tank is constituted by the following elements:

    • Scientific base
    • Learn from existing and innovative practices
    • Executing your own research, starting from a broad thematic frame towards a concrete project proposal
    • Personal development by teamwork and a variety of workshops
    • Working on a jointly written final document/pamphlet, guided by experienced writers.

    To ensure the enclosure of the above elements the program will exist of lectures, excursions and workshops. The program is inspired by Flevo Campus Live.

    Day 1: Introductions and Scientific base
    – 20th of January 2018
    Get to know each other: who are the other participants?
    Lecture and discussion on the food transition in the city

    Create a mission and vision on feeding the city in the future
    How can you create a transmissible, clear and compact text starting from a complex narrative?

    Day 2: Excursion: food supply in and around Almere
    – 27th of January 2018
    From agricultural province towards innovation centre for urban food supply
    Visit arable and livestock farmers of the province Flevoland.

    Day 3: Excursion – Innovation
    10th of February 2018
    Visit existing innovative practices: biodynamic farming, food forests, vertical farming
    Learn from innovative entrepreneurs: which obstacles do they encounter?

    Day 4: Workshop: from Brainstorm to Manifesto
    – 24th of Februari 2018
    Adjust your mission with new knowledge and insights
    Brainstorm to arrive at the first version of the pamphlet

    Between day 4 and 5 the pamphlet will be further developed to a final admissible document to ensure a proper presentation on day 5.

    Day 5: The Big Urban Food Debate
    – 7th of March 2018
    The writers of the Manifesto (you) will debate with the candidates for the city council on the outcomes

    Practical Information

    • What: Flevo Campus Think Tank
    • Where: in and around Almere
    • Dates: 20th, 27th of Jan, 10th, 24th of Feb, 7th of March.
    • Time: all days 10:00 – 16:30, 7th of March: this is an evening from 19:00 -22:00
    • Language: English
    • For who: (international) students with interest in food- en urbanization issues.
    • Costs: The value of the program is 1500 EUR per person. Flevo Campus is offering free participation for young professionals and students.
    • Participants: maximum 15. If more than 15 subscriptions a selection will take place based on diversity.

    Questions? Write to .

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