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    8 december 2017: Flevo Campus Live!

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    Supplying cities with sufficient, high quality food stands to be one of the most pressing issues in the future. How can we ensure that there’ll be enough food for city residents? How can food waste be reduced and better managed to secure healthy cities today and tomorrow?

    Flevo Campus
    Situated in the Amsterdam metropolitan area amidst large-scale agricultural and horticultural projects, the relatively young city of Almere sets out to become the ultimate location for the training of future food professionals. Positioning itself as the place where new ideas, innovations, and projects are conceived, tested and implemented.

    To accomplish this, we are setting up Flevo Campus in which ideas, innovations, and projects are developed that contribute to an improved organization of food supplies to cities. And we want your help. This is your chance to contribute to the future food supply of the Amsterdam-Almere metropolitan region!

    Flevo Campus Live
    Flevo Campus is inviting 100 ambitious students to an interactive morning session where you will help set the agenda for cities of the future. Together with 6 leading experts, you will explore possible solutions in the following fields:

    Food & City – Cities in the countyside dr. Saskia Visser – Wageningen UR
    Food & City – Countryside in cities ir. Jan Eelco Jansma – Aeres Hogeschool and Wageningen UR
    City & People – Cities defining people Arjen Spijkerman MSc – AMS Institute and Karin Pauls – Wageningen UR
    City & People – People defining cities Samuel Levie Msc – Food Cabinet
    People & Food – People as consumers Anke Brons MSc – Aeres Hogeschool
    People & Food – People as producers Dr. ir. Jotte de Koning – TU Delft

    Click here for more information about the 6 fields.

    After the workshops, we will welcome Wayne Roberts, the Canadian food policy analyst and founder of the Toronto Food Council. He will close Flevo Campus Live while reflecting on the input created during the workshops with his broad experience and will invite you to join for a communal ‘Almere lunch’. Together with Nadia Zerouali the caterer of Municipality of Almere has composed a lunch with Dutch regulars such as a sandwich with cheese, but also flatbreads with labneh, all prepared with products from Flevoland.

    09.00 – Arrival
    09.30 – Opening Flevo Campus Live
    09.40 – Welcome by René Peeters (Alderman, City of Almere) en Joep Houterman (Vice-President of the Board, Aeres Group)
    09.50 – Presentation of workshops by dr. Sigrid Wertheim-Heck
    10.00 – Workshops
    12.30 – Keynote Wayne Roberts
    13.00 – Lunch
    14.00 – Closing

    Main language during Flevo Campus Live will be English.

    Subsequently the inaugurational ceremony of Sigrid Wertheim-Heck will take place as lector of lectureship Food and Healthy Living of Aeres Hogeschool from 14.00 – 17.00h.

    Followed by the finale of the Sustainable Business Challenge between 17.00 and 21.30h.

    What can you expect?

    • Meet leading experts and entrepreneurs in the field of food and the city.
    • Network with the best students from the whole of the Netherlands.
    • Win the opportunity to be part of follow-up projects in the Flevo Campus Thinktank.
    • Contribute to solving the ultimate issue of the coming century: how to feed expanding cities.

    We’re looking for ambitious students and young professionals (up to 35 years old) who are interested in and have expertise in the fields of food, health, agriculture and the city.

    If you’re interested in joining Flevo Campus but you’re not a student or young professional anymore, you can register as an observer through the link below.

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